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Summer '18

This post contains a running collection of distribution list emails sent in 2018

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From: FreeUltimate <> 
Sent: Sunday, May 20, 2018 10:45 PM

Subject: Hodges Ultimate starts 5/23

Hey folks, time for some Hodges Ultimate!  Starting back up this coming Wednesday 5/23.  Same as always.  6:15PM gates. ~6:30 PM start.  Play till sundown or we run out of fresh legs. All skill levels welcome.  Co-ed.  Middle school to 50+.  Pass this on to a friend…or better yet, come out a bring a friend!

Google maps link for anyone new –

Questions or comments welcome.

Also, I plan to use this distro list for summer ’18 season.  Won’t break my heart if you want off (ok, well, maybe a little).  Anyway, reply back to drop.

See ya soon,


Below are distribution list emails sent in 2017

Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 12:11 AM
Subject: Freedom Ultimate "wrap-up"

Happy Friday to you all…have a couple items to pass on –

First, thanks for another great season at Hodges.  They’re all a little different but for me all enjoyable.  Certainly my pleasure to be there with you.

Second, potential again for indoor pickup at Eldersburg Merritt on Saturday afternoon’s this year.  Starting in ~November.  Typically high school and up.  Am going to collect new mailing list just for this.  Enter your address at link below and I’ll keep you posted.
Note I’ll inform all of Hodges start-up in Spring 2018 even if you don’t sign up here.

Finally, as an FYI, there is a whole bunch of Ultimate that will be streamed live over the next 3 days.  USA Ultimate National championships starting Thur in Sarasota FL.  In spite of the growing pro scene, this is still the tourney for elite players to win.  Play in 3 divisions; men’s, women’s and mixed.  Men’s play is in its 38th year.  Top of men’s bracket similar throughout 2010’s…can anyone take down San Francisco?

This link provides path to streams via 3 sources.  You can also surf to brackets, rankings and team summaries.  As with any tourney, semis and finals provide best games to watch.


Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 12:04 PM

Subject: September Hodges Ultimate
So, tonight definitely looking like a wash-out tonight.  1st full cancellation all year, so, can’t complain.

We typically can’t go much beyond 9/15 each year due to daylight.  So, next week will be last Hodges pickup game for 2017.  Movement afoot to head to Oscars after; for those interested / of age.


Sent: Friday, August 4, 2017 11:39 PM
Subject: August Freedom Ulti Update

So summer ’17 rolling by far too fast.  Figured it was time for an Ultimate update.

No complaints on play this summer (not that I’ll ever complain about Ultimate).  Numbers decent each week often with completely different mixes of folks; new and old and even some long lost returning.  This weeks’ game had solid 6s with a few subs.  Thanks to all the regulars this year.  And it’s certainly not too late to join in if you haven’t had the chance.

Given that we are no longer college-centric, I plan to continue Hodges pickup until daylight runs out…usually mid-September.

As usual, will pass on a few Ulti threads from across the internet.
  • Cool event being held this weekend in Blaine Minnesota.  Big mix of club play in several ages (U17/U20/Open) and groups (Men/Women/Mixed).  Some clubs outside US.  Can’t say I recall USA Ultimate ever mixing this many different groups together.  Dozens of games available to watch.  See this link –
  • The World games were held recently in Poland.  These games are held 1 yr after Olympics for sports not in the Olympics.  This is IOC recognized activity.  US played Colombia for gold medal.  Our team consisted of many of the “superstars” of the sport.  This youtube video is highlight reel (in French) of Gold medal game –
  • AUDL is only pro league left after MLU folded after last year.  Playoffs just staring and run for next month.  Games can be found through or youtube.  Thought I’d pass on this link though of best plays from each week of the season –

Sent: Friday, June 2, 2017 12:16 AM
Subject: F.U.N. 6/1 Update

Good news.  Growth with both #s of players and #s on new streamlined email list getting this message.  Keep spreading the word.  7s this week.  Good game.  Props to Ben, a 10yr who showed up ready to play…I’m dead serious, he was ready.

So the time’s come to get out if you haven’t done so yet.  (For the newbie’s – play on Wed’s, 630PM at Hodges Park in Eldersburg.)

Questions/comments, reach out,

p.s. - a bunch of add-ons threads for you to explore -
  • College nationals just happened in OH over Mem Day weekend.  Men’s and Women’s.  If you have access to ESPN3 steaming, definitely a couple games worth checking out.  Recommend the 2 Men’s Semi games on 5/28 over the finals.  Search - Replay / Games or try link here.  And if you don’t have EPSN3 access, some of the games will eventually get posted to YouTube.
  • A DC Breeze player named Rowan McDonnell has a series of YouTube instructional videos on different throws you can make.  Some are beyond me.  Search by his name or try link here.
  • More Ultimate links; USA Ulti You Tube, Ultiworld You Tube, Breeze AUDL Pro Ulti; Reddit/Ulti, and, pickup games in all corners of the world at

Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 5:13 PM
Subject: Freedom Ultimate 2017

First order of business.  Ultimate at Hodges Park will return again this coming Wednesday 5/24 and run through mid-Sept.  Starting a week later then years past (yes, my fault).  But nothing new.  6:30-sundown.  Gate by 6:15.  Playing co-ed all-ages pick-up.  Hope to see you there!!!

Some house-keeping…pay attention.  It’s been over 10 years of Ultimate here in South Carroll County.  2006 according to my records.  I’ve amassed quite an email list over the years (over 150 addresses).  Inherited from Randy Linville and supplemented by Johnny G’s efforts as well as countless others.

I’ve decided after 10 years that it’s time to clean house.  Been quite some time since 100+ folks have come out to Hodges and played!😊!

So, unless you click link below, this will be the last email you’ll get from me.  Link takes you to a simple survey that will take a minute or two max to fill out.

If questions or comments, reply in survey or direct by email.

p.s. – Link to Google map of Hodges Park in Eldersburg if by chance you need it

Sent: Friday, January 20, 2017 11:15 PM
Subject: Ultimate notes for 2017

Happy New Year to all.  Three items for your consideration.
  • There is still indoor going on at Merritt.  Every Saturday 3 to 6 PM.  $5.
  • This Sunday 1/22 there is a Freedom Rec Festival at the Sr Center.  Reps from all programs will be there.  Sports and others.  See home page of FARC website for more info.  Festival proceeded by 2 hour Zumbathon in the gym put on by our friends at Freedom Fitness.
  • And finally, yearly solicitation for thoughts on 2017 Ultimate here in S Carroll County.  For those that are keeping score, we’ve been doing this for 10 years now.  Need to figure out how to keep it going for 10 more!!!

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